Ski Gift Ideas

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So, you have a ski aficionado or a whole branch of your family or friends that are into the sport and there’s an upcoming cause for celebration? Why not treat them to a unique gift they’ll surely adore which indulges their love of skiing, hitting two birds with one stone?

If the will is there but you’re not a ski fanatic yourself, or you simply want to get some ideas or inspiration for creating a present for that special someone, we’ve got you covered. We’ve churned out a list of cool and practical gifts that will satisfy any bright-eyed skier out there, from the small and thrifty to the bespoke and phenomenal. Sit back, relax and take note of these ideas or explore our ski advice section to familiarise yourself with the stuff that keeps your pals on their toes if you like to be more involved in your gift-giving!

We have ski gifts for men, ski gifts for women and ski gifts for children; we’ve thought of everyone so you can keep this sheet handy for the future. The prices range from under £2 to almost £200 so you’ll find something for every budget – although we focus on bringing you amazing value-for-money options. With a carefully crafted selection put together with the recipients in mind, our ski gift ideas listicle is bound to make you and your loved ones happy.


Ski Gifts for Him


These braces will strap any pair of ski pants into place, making for comfortable, focused skiers. At under £5, this handy accessory is a steal and will be appreciated by ski novices and die-hard fans alike. The adjustable length makes them suitable for any height and body shape.


You can never have enough hats in your snowsports wardrobe, so these are probably the safest buy. This Alpine hat comes in three colourful variations that will have your friends or family looking the part and keeping their ears snuggly under the fleece-lined flaps. Coming in at below the £5 mark, it’s another bargain, and will pop out in photo memories of the slopes.


Ski socks are a simple yet effective gift that every skier will want and need dozens of. This pair packs a mighty punch with a cool design, special fabric composition and a load of technical specifications that will leave feet breathing, fresh and sweat- and germ-free all day. These socks are the perfect gift to entice beginners and nervous first-timers to dive into the sport with giddiness.

Base Layers

Ideal for the skier who wants to get professionally layered up and guarded against the bitter cold on the piste. This smooth, sleek number has the technology to maintain dryness and breathability throughout the duration of activity and will nicely complement and complete any ski outfit.

Snow Boots

These small accoutrements will guide your steps and prevent you from slipping or tripping on snow or ice – yet they’re also customised to aid hiking on rough terrain, so they make for a versatile, practical gift. Made from rubber, they are built for high performance and hard wear and will delight any skier who takes their sport – and safety – seriously.

At little over £20, these snow boots are a true deal, and will buy you a good-quality gift that belies its actual price tag. Boasting rugged rubber soles, a midsole construction delicately woven in suede and a padded tongue, this sturdy pair of shoes is a starter gift that will please all tastes.


These sunglasses are aptly named – they bring out the paparazzi when they’re on! This pair can be donned on the slopes in between sessions to keep harmful UV rays at bay and shield eyes to the tune of UV 400 sun protection. Designed in a classic skier style and finished off with a holographic sheen on the lenses, this statement accessory is for the cool skiers hanging out at après-ski spots after a long, hard day of tackling the snow.


An essential item in the skier’s arsenal of kit pieces and equipment, this carry-all is custom-made to hold one or two sets of skis, complete with padded lining and compression straps to provide a protective shell for those precious skis. At just under £25, you can grab a gift that will be a skier’s best practical ally on the slopes.


The stylish skier will want nothing less than a snazzy pair of goggles to see him through the skiing day. Your relative or friend will enjoy UV 400 nm protection, a spherical, orange double lens, anti-fog coating, face-fitting foam, adjustable headband and helmet grip lines – the ultimate in safety and comfort features. Gift the skier amongst you with an affordable, indispensable piece that will never go out of style.


A beautiful ski jacket wrapped luxuriously in down is on every skier’s wish list. If you’re after the golden standard in ski gifts, this is it. Ultra-lightweight, jam-packed with technical features and suited for a myriad of occasions, this jacket is available in five dynamic colour combinations and is very competitively priced.

This jacket ticks all the right boxes for skiers and would be a coveted item in their kit collection. The level of detail is fantastic for such a compact, streamlined piece. Offering water resistance of up to 3,000mm, insulated and pocketed all round, and replete with additions for maximum functionality, the skier on your mind will be thanking you for opting for such a comprehensive – and essential – bit of ski gear.

The ultimate in ski jackets, this top-of-the-range number benefits from a snowskirt, wrist gaiters and intelligent silver mesh lining for a gift package that’s hard to refuse. A powerhouse at a waterproofness of 5,000mm and breathability of 5,000 mvp, this jacket also has an inner audio pocket/channel. As bespoke as they come, this ski jacket makes a truly splendid gift for the ski-crazy males in your groups.

Resort Passes


Resort passes are neither cheap nor easy to incorporate into your gift-bestowing agenda but if you really want to spoil the skier in question and have cash to spare, you could splash out on an experience instead of a material object – it always makes a gift that more memorable. Be prepared to navigate a sea of wildly differing options and packages that will have something for everyone, so this will require more time and planning efforts on your part.

If the gist is to remain local and budget-friendly, Glencoe Mountain offers weekend lift passes at a reasonable £32 for adults and £20 for kids per day. Beginners get a super valuable deal at £60, which includes a beginner lift ticket, a two-hour lesson and ski and boots hire.

Further afield, Kitzbühel in Austria hosts 54 cable cars and lifts, 179km of perfectly groomed slopes, superb backcountry possibilities and the world famous ‘Streif’ waiting for you in what has been described as the ‘best ski resort in the world’, all at the tidy cost of €256 for a single adult for 6 days. What are you waiting for?

You can also check out our feature on budget skiing for a round-up of how and where to do skiing at little damage to your pockets.


Ski Gifts for Her


A cheerful pattern adorns these socks, which will wrap the wearer’s feet in toasty warmth while they’re out on the mountain. Designed to match any ski apparel, and soft and cosy to the touch, these are nonetheless a pair of technical socks that will perform to a high level for the lady in mind.


Ladies will instantly take to this hat with its softly structured knit and snug fit guaranteed to keep heads warm and comfortable. There are two styles to choose from and an endless array of mix-and-match accessories that will complete the look, if you want to go that extra mile.


These gloves are stuffed with goodies and style, making them an inviting gift prospect to the fairer sex. An eye-catching monochrome overlay coats a pair of hand-warmers stuffed with warm padding and adjustable straps at the wrists and cuff. To solve sniffling problems at high altitudes, the gloves have in-built nose and goggle wipes that don’t require the wearer to take them off. An ace accessory overall!


ColdHeat® technology greatly adds to the appeal of these comfortable, convenient ski trousers. Presented in a classic white colour and high-rise waist, the 2,000mm water-resistance and windproof protection make them a great starter pair.

This bronze edition of the traditional salopettes style will have any woman looking like a goddess on the slopes. Featuring gaiters, tricot lining, articulated knee darts, elasticated back panel, kick patches, inner leg ventilation zips and the handy facility of 4 pockets distributed across the front and back. Undoubtedly a tour de force in the range of women’s ski pants, it looks like a million dollars yet costs a meagre £28.99.

For the more technical-focused woman skier, this pair is at the top end of the ski trousers spectrum. The waterproofing and breathability levels are unbeatable at 5,000mm and 5,000 mvp respectively, blessing the wearer with the ultimate protection against the elements on the mountain. Being also windproof with taped seams and a loose, relaxed fit for those extra long days of skiing, this is the ultimate gift for the pro lady.

Fleece Hoodies


Ardens Womens Full Zip Microfleece

Incredibly soft and warm, this simple fleece hoodie will keep the cold at bay when your lady ventures out into the outdoors. Extremely lightweight and comfortable, it acts as a solid mid-layer that can be worn casually during other pursuits as well. The AirTrap® technology ensures high-performance insulation in a quality fleece.

Luxury is what this hoodie is named after. Available in three rich hues of azalea, black and grape wine, this hoodie will make any woman swoon over its opulent velvety fabric designed to complement the vibrant colours, along with the stylish cut pattern all across. While heavier than the Ardens Womens Full Zip Microfleece, it’s still very much lightweight and will hug your torso with amazing effectiveness, especially when combined with other layers.

Snow Boots


Gripz Unisex Traction Aids

Suitable for both men and women, these traction aids will guide your steps and prevent you from slipping or tripping on snow or ice – yet they’re also customised to aid hiking on rough terrain, so they make for a versatile, practical gift. Made from rubber, they are built for high performance and hard wear and will delight any skier who takes their sport – and safety – seriously.

The cool, clean design of these snow boots will sell any woman on the idea of countless winter days spent on the slopes. The sleek mid-calf construction enables high-level support and ColdHeat® technology powers the boots’ lining with strong insulating prowess. The rubber shell outsole and textile upper are both built to keep moisture in the external environs of the boots so that walking in snow and skiing become a pleasant affair.


The leopard print frame and smoked lenses of this pair of sunglasses will be a woman’s bold statement on the slopes come winter. They can be worn in between runs and at al fresco après-ski gatherings when the goggles are taken off, and are sure to turn heads. Eye protection is guaranteed at a maximum of UV 400, so that peepers remain alert and sheltered from the glare of the high-altitude sun.


An essential item in the skier’s arsenal of kit pieces and equipment and something that female skiers will fawn over, this carry-all is custom-made to hold one or two sets of skis, complete with padded lining and compression straps to provide a protective shell for those precious skis. At just under £25, you can grab a gift that will be her best practical ally on the slopes.


£36.99 is a small price to pay for so much style and performance in one jacket which you’ll be wanting to spend your days (and nights) in! This 2,000mm waterproof and windproof number with taped seams boasts a subtle, delicate floral design with colourful highlights in the buttons and adjustable drawcords. 6 pockets are evenly spread out across the jacket to provide ample storage space at minimum distraction and discomfort, and the standard ski jacket features truly make this jacket a golden opportunity gift.

In terms of its technical profile, this jacket is a step up from the Lacy Womens Ski Jacket. Waterproofed to 5,000mm and featuring uniquely constructed underarm ventilation zips, this funky, printed jacket also has a snowskirt attached to keep the wearer completely snowproof.

This beautiful down jacket made for women comes in variations of deep black, coral blush and wine, offering an option for all tastes. Its defining quality is the lovely warmth it bestows upon the wearer, even in the most dire of weather conditions. This jacket can easily be packed into a travel-size sack that comes with it, allowing for flexibility on the slopes.

The fleece lining in this trendy, printed coat jacket is one of its key points. Others include the padding, goggles pocket, phone pocket, lift pass storage and an additional four pockets for those ladies who don’t like to roam around without their purse full of personal items. Even on a late spring day, the high breathability rating will allow her to stay fresh and well-armed in the ski environment.


The muted golden sheen of this pair of goggles will surprise the quintessential skier with its feminine appeal. A high-quality skiwear component, the adjustable straps and face-fitting foam will ensure a comfortable, secure fit that accommodates helmets and hats. The DLX stamp means the goggles are loaded with specs and yield high-level performance.

Resort Passes


Resort passes for women can make for the gift of a lifetime. As we’ve pointed out, this thought will not come cheap and it will take some more time and planning efforts on your part to fish out a package that knocks her down. Gifting someone with an experience instead of a material object always makes a gift that more memorable, and presents revolving around a skiing experience are hugely popular for Valentine’s Day. You’ll need to roll up your sleeves when doing your research as there will be an endless supply of options and opportunities, each with its own focal benefits.

Close to home, Glenshee Ski & Snowboard Centre in Braemar offers one-day passes at £30 for adults and £20 for kids, valid for the full area in Scotland’s largest ski resort. Equipment hire for adults sits at a daily rate of £22 and £11 for children, which is superb, although the ski season in Scotland is notoriously limited.

Andermatt in Switzerland is a well-kept secret of skiing sorts, nestled between its larger, renowned relatives in the Swiss Alps. With under £65, you can acquire a regional cross-country ski pass that includes slopes in Goms and a train ride within the Andermatt-Realp region. Andermatt’s top lift soars to a fantastic height of 2,963 metres and you’ll find the north-facing slopes brimming with powder and a relieving lack of crowds, making it a viable choice for the more advanced skier who wants to get away from the crowds.

Read our feature on budget skiing for a list of tips and destinations that could very well turn into your next formidable gift for her.


Ski Gifts for Kids

Ear Muffs

These pretty ear muffs for the girl who doesn’t like fussy ski head gear are unbelievably value-for-money at £1.99. The outer part is knitted in a colourful alpine style and the inner lining is made of warm fleece, covering little girls’ ears well and adding a charming detail to their ski outfit.

Dress the tiny skiers-to-be in the family in this adorable hat that will protect their fragile heads from the bitter cold. With two animal ears perched on top of the hat, the little ones will stay snug and look the part. Having a small baby doesn’t mean you have to say no to the slopes with this gift!


Kids’ beanies rule! This classic striped woollen hat will be liked by children of any age group – boy or girl. The three different sets of stripes provide enough variety to satisfy even the pickiest of children, and these hats will never go out of style. Priced at £2.99, they are a surefire way to cajole kids into the sport.

Hats with fluffy, multi-coloured pom-poms are impossible to resist! This sweetly made confection will delight any girl who’s set for the slopes. Lined with polyester anti-pil fleece, covered in polka dots and complete with ear flaps, this hat – like its namesake – will make girls feel like little queens.

Your boy won’t want to take this hat off when he discovers it in his gift bank. This beanie locks in all the heat radiated from the head and features a raised rubber ‘monster’ design printed on a stretchy bed of cotton and acrylic. This is a winner for the daredevil boys who love playing in the snow.


This headpiece has all the benefits of a balaclava without looking like one of those clunky facemasks. The fun frog design will go down well with younger kids and they’ll be free to roam around in the snow and ski without the icy wind lashing at their faces, preventing that pesky frostbite from occurring.


Mittens are much preferred and better at keeping kids’ hands toasty than traditional gloves. Boys and girls alike will fancy this animal-inspired pair, which can also be used for a mini-puppet show! This pair of mitts is padded to shield against falls in the snow and also has a water-resistant shell – perfect for junior skiers.

Snow Boots

This pair of snow boots for boys is expertly designed to provide superior comfort, protection and support for skiing activities. The boots look professional without taking away from the cool edge of the design. The understated faux fur trim, webbing lace system, quality fleece lining and contrast pattern all come together to form boots that will perform on the slopes. All this at only £10.99.


Here comes the fun! Sledges are a foolproof way to impress children and bring joy to their eyes with this ski present. Aptly named ‘Sci-Fi’, this small sledge measures 12cm x 64cm x 64cm and is available in black, pink, red or blue so everyone can be content. Kids can let their imagination run wild and create stories and memories that will keep them entertained for long.

For double the excitement and trepidation, this twin sledge is a legendary toy and snow accessory for two adventurers. The sledge comes in a bright shade of green with shaped seats made of durable plastic and moulded handles. These features ensure a safe, smooth ride down the snowy slopes that will translate into hours of pure bliss for the kids.

Ski Suits

This ski suit for babies and toddlers consists of a ski jacket and salopettes with a high waist, elasticated jacket cuffs and pant ankles, stud-fastening shoulder straps and short-hair fur trim attached to the jacket hood. Its insulation factor is high so as to keep infants very cosy and warm, as they should be. This gift will be warmly received by avid skier parents who want to take the whole family – baby in tow – on a skiing holiday. The boy and girl variations on the style will be the stuff that melts hearts, too!

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