Caray Women's Walking Socks

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  • Heavyweight walking Sock

Fabric Care and Composition

10% Wool
10% Polyester
10% Nylon
70% Acrylic

It is important to protect your feet whilst out on a long walk or a sweat inducing hike, which is why the Caray women's hiking socks are a perfect choice for those who are doing just that. These long length socks have been made using a wool blend for optimum comfort when out exploring and also help to prevent rubbing and scarring while walking on tough ground.

Furthermore, the socks benefit from cushioning at the heels and toes which not only help to support your feet as you walk along unsteady terrain but also create a better fit along with the elasticated cuff. So conquer new trails and reach the highest peaks with ease in the Caray women's hiking socks.