Inflatable Travel Pillow

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  • Inflatable Travel Neck Pillow
  • Easy to Inflate & Deflate
  • Comfortable
  • Soft Touch

Fabric Care and Composition


Whether you're travelling by car plane or train the Inflight inflatable travel neck pillow is the ultimate travel accessory. Designed in a U shape the pillow will fit perfectly around your neck and has a soft touch for instant relaxation and support even on long journeys.

Extremely comfortably you'll be able to get a good nights sleep even when sitting up right and it's easy to inflate design means you can quickly set it up when its time to get some rest. Once you're finished you can simply let the air out fold it up and store it in it's own handy pouch that is small enough to be stashed in your car bag or hand luggage.

Plus it's PVC composition means it's durable as well as easy to clean. So make sure you don't set off on your next journey without the Inflight travel neck pillow.