Nikwax Spray On Waterproofer for Nubuck & Suede

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Technical Rating

Thermal No

Helping you to ensure your footwear performs to its best ability, the Nikwax Nubuck Spray is able to renew waterproof finishes allowing you get more use and wear from your hiking boots.

This spray gives your shoes with a Durable Water Repellent finish that provides protection against moisture without hindering breathability. Furthermore, it can be used of wet footwear meaning you don’t have to wait for your boots to dry out before using the spray.

You’ll even be able to use this item confidently on leather or suede footwear without worrying about the texture or look of the fabric being compromised. Environmentally friendly as well, this spray will help give your well-loved hiking boots an extra spur of life so you can wear them for longer knowing they are giving you the protection you need.

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