Nikwax TX Direct Wash In Waterproofer Single Dose

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Technical Rating

Thermal No

The Nikwax TX Direct Wash In Waterproofer is able to revitalise the performance attributes of well-loved outdoor clothing and equipment.

Designed to restore waterproof and water repellent garments back to their best, this wash in single dose cleaner further aids breathability so you get the performance you need when you need it most. Plus, the use of this outdoor kit cleaner means you’ll not have to use a tumble dryer, therefore reducing the risk of damage to older, more worn garments and accessories.

For it to be most effective, use after washing with the Nikwax Tech Wash in either the washing machine or by hand. Able to be used regularly as well, you’ll not have to worry about the look of your gear being comprised, meaning it keeps its look and appearance for longer.