Pebble Dash Dog Poop Bags Refill Pack

£6.99 Special Price


  • Biodegradable: Yes
  • HDPE + EPI: Yes
  • Non-Scented: Yes
  • Refill Box Bag Dispenser
  • x160 Biodegradable Waste Bags
  • Bag Size: 33cm Length x 20.5 Width
  • x20 Bags On A Roll
  • 12 Micron Quality
Our range of Pebble Dash dog poop bags are made with you in mind.

They are biodegradable - making them less harmful to the environment; and durable - decreasing any risks of accidents for you! These poop bags are essential for any dog owner.

Purchase our Pebbles Dog Poop Bag Dispenser with these refills to take on walkies.

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