Pinpoint Bluetooth Tracker

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  • Replaceable Battery: CR2032 (210mAH)
  • Dimensions: 3.6cm x 3.6cm
  • Bluetooth: BLE4.0
  • Compatible with iOS 8.0 and higher or Android 4.3 and higher with Bluetooth support.
  • App Available on the App Store & Google Play
  • Bluetooth Fence system of 50metres – alarm will sound when separated from the device.
  • Last known location will allow the user to navigate to the device using GPS via the App.
  • I-track App
  • Bluetooth Tracker
  • Last Location Tracking
  • Separation Alarm
  • Lost & Found Network
  • Navigational Guidance

Never be at a loss again. Be it your bike, handbag, house keys or your prized pooch, our portable GPS device can be used to track anything – so long as it is within Bluetooth range of your phone. Once the device moves out of this range, you will receive a signal notifying its last position but will no longer be able to track the device’s whereabouts.

Simply attach the device, download the iTrack app and you’re set for security. You might be lost for words, but with our Pinpoint Bluetooth tracking device, you won’t be lost for belongings.