Kean Women's Flip Flops

Ten produkt jest obecnie niedostępny


  • Women's Water Sandal
  • Simple slip-on design
  • Two colours: black, pink

Keep your feet happy with the Kean water sandals. Created specifically for the water, these nifty sandals will allow you to frolic in the sea without a worry. The sandals feature a thick sole which is ideal for keeping your feet safe from rocks and other any sharp debris on the ocean bed, helping you to avoid injury and an unpleasant experience while walking on the beach.

Furthermore, these sandals are lightweight, which is perfect for activities in the water as it makes moving around much easier. Plus, the opened toe style along with the small holes in the strap allows your feet to breathe, helping to maintain freshness and comfort inside the sandals. Therefore, the next time you plan on hitting the beach and causing a few waves, make sure you keep your feet protected with the Kean ladies' water sandals.