Trespass Camping Mat Insulating Lightweight 180cm Reflx

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  • 180cm L x 61cm W x 8cm H
  • Insulating Camping Mat
  • Heat Reflective Foil
  • Lightweight
  • Durable
  • Insulating Camping MatHeat Reflective FoilLightweightDurable

Fabric Care and Composition

PE Foam
ALU Foil

The Reflx camping mat will help you to enjoy a cosy night sleep in the wilderness. Lightweight, this mat can easily be strapped onto your rucksack without much additional weight or bulk so you’ll not have to compromise your comfort during the day to get a good sleep at night.

This insulating camping mat features a heat reflective foil to help maintain warmth without overheating so you’ll remain comfortable and be able to rest properly, ready for the day ahead. Furthermore, it’s foam construction offers a comfortable foundation to lay your head even when sleeping on the ground.

Durable as well, you’ll be able to use the Reflx camping mat where and when you need it most.

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