Balu Babies Padded Snow Suit

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Was €70.00

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Product Description

Let your little one have their first fun times in the snow, with the Balu babies’ padded snow suit keeping them safe and snug. Designed with a water resistant outer shell up to 600mm, a fall into the snow won’t leave them soaked through and you can just brush it off the surface. It’s windproof too, making it an excellent choice for getting outside on a cold, gusty day.

A layer of padding inside the snow suit traps body heat as it tries to escape, building up a layer of warmth that will keep them surrounded by a pleasant temperature and soft padding. The front zip stretches from the neck all the way to the right foot, meaning that it won’t be an absolute nightmare trying to get them dressed. It also features a grown on hood, which is perfect for that extra bit of protection in the cold.

Finished with a quilted stitch design and available in white polka dot or blue square print, this snow suit is perfect for keeping them warm and looking good while they have fun in the snow. Make sure and pair it up with some snow boots and mittens to keep them warm.

Technical Rating


Water Resistant 600mm
Windproof Yes


  • Padded snowsuit
  • Detail quilt stitching
  • Full length front zip
  • Grown on hood

Fabric Composition & Care

  • 100% Polyester Microfibre AC Coating
  • Lining
  • 100% Polyester
  • Padding
  • 100% Polyester