DELAMAR Kids Ski Socks

€2.99 Special Price


  • Patterned Ski Tube

Spending a day on your feet in tough boots and the freezing cold can be hard for anyone, particularly for kids, so the Delamar kids’ ski socks are designed to promote comfort, warmth and a pain free feeling throughout the day.

Designed with a padded foot base to protect their toes and heels that are particularly susceptible to blisters and rash, there will be no painful rubbing or holes forming any time soon. The socks have a stretchy cuff that keeps them securely in place while the rest of the sock has enough flex to form you your feet and insulate warmth with the help of the fabric that creates pockets for warm air.

These socks are available in blue and two purple shades with simple contrast panels and the Trespass logo. Get the kids to pull them on beneath their boots and they’ll be able to make the most of the slopes and enjoy themselves throughout the entire day.

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