Shak Men's Hiking Socks

€20.99 Special Price


  • Men's Hiking Socks
  • Lightweight Performance Sock
  • Thermolite Fibres - Superior Movement of Moisture
  • Elasticated Grip Elements to Prevent Sock Movement
  • Cushioned Sole

Spending the day on your feet can lead to them becoming sweaty as well as overheated. The Shak men’s hiking socks have been designed to create a comfortable environment that will give your feet all the support they need.

Made using Thermolite fibres, these lightweight socks will quickly evaporate moisture so it doesn’t build-up inside your boots. Featuring elasticated grip elements too, you won’t have to worry about stopping and starting your hike to fix your socks as they will stay securely in place.

These socks have the further benefit of a cushioned sole to give you an extra level of support and comfort when you need it most. Perfect for hikes and walks in strenuous conditions, these hiking socks are a fantastic piece of kit to have on out the trail.