6 Litre Collapsible Camping Water Carrier

€5.99 Special Price


  • Collapsible camping water container
  • 6 litre capacity
  • Strong carry handle
  • Compresses flat
  • Easy pouring tap on lid

If your camp is some distance from the nearest water source, you need the Squeezebox water carrier to help you stock up for the day. This simple water jug has a dispenser tap that can be simply screwed off and helps get the right volume you need to save wastage. It's perfect for cooking, drinking, washing and more.

The jug itself is designed so it’s collapsible. This means when you’re packing up camp you can simply compress it flat so it takes up very little space in your rucksack. Finished with an easy carry handle, the Squeezebox is simple but ideal for a range of camping trips.



With a 6 Litre capacity this carrier is able to hold a large amount of water making it ideal for camping trips and picnics. If you need something a little smaller in size, we have great range of water bottles and flasks for quick and easy refreshment as you move.