Trek 66 Litre Rucksack

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Technical Rating

Thermal No

The Trek 66 litre black rucksack is perfect for those who enjoy lengthy excursions in the outdoors. The bag features plenty of storage space including 2 pockets and a front pouch which means you can easily store your outdoor essentials such as maps, a water bottle and a sleeping bag. Whilst carrying this weight on your back, it is being well supported thanks to the padded shoulder straps, supportive back system and padded hip belt which help to disperse the weight evenly.

There is also a very useful rain cover included, which is great for keeping your bag dry of you find yourself in the middle of a downpour. So if you are travelling around Europe with friends or hitchhiking across America, the Trek 66 litre rucksack will see you through wherever you are going.

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