Snookie Women's Wellie Socks

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  • Fleece Wellington Boot Socks
  • Embroidered Trespass Logo
  • Two colours: blue, pink

If you spend long days wearing your wellies while out and about, you’ll know that they can become uncomfortable and start to rub after so long, so you should add the Snookie women’s wellington boot socks for a layer of pleasant protection inside your favourite wellies.

The fleece material is super soft and will help you stay warm on chilly days. Easily inserted into most wellies, with a rim that folds over the top, these will brighten up a pair of wellies with brown or pink tones to choose from.

Don’t let your wellies make you feel uncomfortable; add these handy liners for a super comfortable upgrade to your old boots, or you can buy a new pair to make the most of these excellent socks.