Unique Custom Designed Ski Helmet by Hannah Adamaszek

Trespass sent 13 artists throughout the UK a ski helmet to custom design.
These helmets are being auctioned off for charity starting January 31st 2016, you can view the auction on the button below.

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Hannah Adamaszek

Adding to our fantastic group of artists is Hannah Adamaszek. Hannah is a painter whose work has a distinct visual style and as her career has developed she’s taken to working both on canvas and on walls, incorporating in each piece a combination of fine art and street art sensibilities. Hannah’s work includes experiments with spray paint, acrylic, water, stencils and more.

Throughout her years as an artist Hannah has exhibited work in Spain, Belgium and Australia as well as having solo exhibitions in both London and Barcelona. Hannah predominantly paints female figures and portraits with a strong influence from the Bohemian lifestyle and culture. Hannah’s pieces highlight each distinct layer and technique she likes to incorporate.

Hannah’s art has earned her a strong following within several facets of the art world and her instantly recognisable style makes her a fantastic artist to follow. We were excited to have her join our roster of artists for our helmet Snowcase and Hannah didn’t disappoint with her excellent design.

You can check out the rest of the helmets and artists here.

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100% of all proceeds from this auction will go to Women's Aid.

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