Unique Custom Designed Ski Helmet by Louise Dear

Trespass sent 13 artists throughout the UK a ski helmet to custom design.
These helmets are being auctioned off for charity between February 1st and 28th 2016, you can view the auction on the button below.

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Louise Dear

Living and working in Brighton, Louise Dear is the resident artist at the Crush Gallery. Louise is a world traveller who ventured across Europe and North Africa in a pink ambulance before studying art and becoming a full-time artist. Since then Louise has been exhibited in London, New York, Sydney, Los Angeles and more.

Louise draws inspiration from her love of vivid colour and her daughter who she sees as her main muse and greatest creation. Originally intending to study fashion, Louise’s art style is unique and easily identifiable thanks to her experimentation with a range of materials and media. Louise has described herself as “a painter with a simple ambition; to create beautiful paintings.”

Louise typically paints on sheets of aluminium, a unique approach, and she build up her images layer after layer with all the tools at her disposal. We sent Louise one of our helmets to lend her style to and she applied her love of nature and all things colourful to create the finished article.

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100% of all proceeds from this auction will go to Migrant Offshore Aid Station.

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