Unique Custom Designed Ski Helmet by Rogue-one (Second)

Trespass sent 13 artists throughout the UK a ski helmet to custom design.
These helmets are being auctioned off for charity between February 1st and 28th 2016, you can view the auction on the button below.

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Providing us with his second Helmet, Bobby McNamara is best known as Rogue One and has become a prolific street artist, known for his large pieces. Rogue’s work can be seen across Scotland on gable ends, walls, vans and even on two ski helmets he took the time to design for us.

Becoming familiar with a spray can at a young age; Rogue has been honing his skills for some time and now produces detailed portraiture, 3D designs, Landscapes and more. A fan of pop culture, Rogue pours his interests into his work, creating designs that are bold and memorable.

Rogue’s work can be seen particularly in Glasgow where his Cowcaddens Shadow puppet work and Clutha Murals have become instantly recognisable landmarks.

Rogue got two of our helmets and produced bold designs on both. His Vietnam and skull designs reshaped the helmets and make fantastic additions to the collection.

You can see Bobby’s other helmet here and all the others here.

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100% of all proceeds from this auction will go to Disability Snowsport UK.

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