Unique Custom Designed Ski Helmet by Stephen Wiltshire MBE

Trespass sent 13 artists throughout the UK a ski helmet to custom design.
These helmets are being auctioned off for charity starting January 31st 2016, you can view the auction on the button below.

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Stephen Wiltshire

Stephen Wiltshire is a London artist who has gained worldwide popularity and has been awarded an MBE for his services to art. Stephen was a naturally gifted artist from a young age and paired this with a photographic memory, producing accurate recreations of his subject matter. His first commission came at age 8 from the Prime Minister and his career has grown ever since.

Stephen’s work is not only visually impressive but the way he approaches each piece is incredibly unique too. Stephen memorises detailed architecture and recreates it on canvas, even creating entire cityscapes based on brief views. Some of Stephen’s works are upwards of ten metres long yet still show detailed landmarks and geography.

Stephen’s amazing talents have led to him producing several books, heading up exhibitions, launching his own art gallery and being asked to create landscapes of cities throughout the world, including New York, Rome, Tokyo, Hong Kong and many more. We couldn’t resist sending Stephen one of our helmets and he’s made it his own with some of London’s most famous landmarks.

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100% of all proceeds from this auction will go to Barnardo's.

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