SWIFT 200 Patterned 2 Man Pop Up Tent

£41.99 Special Price


  • Waterproof: 1500mm
  • Taped Seams: Yes
  • 2 Person Patterned Pop up Tent
  • Fire Retardant to ISO 6940
  • Pole: 6.0mm Fibre Glass
  • Size: 245x145x100cm
  • Trespass Branded Carrybag
  • Perfect for Festivals

This vividly coloured version of our Swift 200 tent is the perfect festival companion that is extremely easy to use. The Swift 200 (patterned) 2 man pop up tent fits two people at capacity or one for a more comfortable sleep with extra storage space.

If the rain starts to fall you'll get waterproof protection up to 1500mm and taped seams will stop moisture leaking in between panels. Vents help circulate air to avoid condensation building on the inner walls of the tent and the air from becoming stagnant inside. This is particularly important when sleeping two people.

With a simple zip flap door, featuring a mesh panel, the tent is designed specifically to unfold and pop-up with ease so you can spend more time enjoying the bands at your next festival. When you're finished it folds back up again to go back into the carry bag. This makes it perfect for festivals, people on several day solo treks and people who don't regularly camp.

The Swift 200 (patterned) 2 man pop up festival tent is extremely practical and comes in three bold styles, which look great and help avoid people tripping over it. It's lightweight and intensely practical making it a useful item to have around the house. Just don't forget to bring some tent pegs and a mallet.


We've written an easy Step by Step Guide to make your next camping trip 'swift' and easy.