$21.99 Was $42.99


  • Waterproof: 2000mm
  • Taped Seams: Yes
  • 2 Pack Dry Bags
  • 5L Green Bag
  • 10L Blue Bag
  • Roll & Snap Closure

Any seasoned camper knows, wet gear is a sure fire way to rain on your parade when taking a long camping trip. That’s why the Exhilaration is an essential item for outdoor use and with a pack of two; you’ll be sorted for a range of trips. Consisting of a 5 litre green bag and a 10 litre blue bag, these are perfect for storing food, clothing, electronics and more.

Secured with a roll and snap closure, these bags have 2000mm of waterproofing with taped seams, so moisture is locked out. Keep this handy accessory in your rucksack and you can sort out your gear and ensure it stays safe around the campsite.