Echotec 4 Season Blue Hollowfibre Sleeping Bag

$68.99 Was $136.99


  • Comfort: +5°C
  • Lower limit: -10°C
  • Extreme: -15°C
  • Approx. Weight: 2.2kg
  • 4 Season
  • 230 x 80 x 55cm
  • Mummy-style

If you love taking regular camping trips you'll often find you need different gear for different seasons. With the Echotec 4 season blue hollowfibre sleeping bag that won't be an issue and you'll stay comfortable and warm, whatever the weather. Designed in a mummy-style, the Echotec sleeping bag has a hollow fibre filling that's excellent at retaining heat on cold nights. It has a comfortable inner lining and a water repellent shell so you stay dry inside.

The Echotec sleeping bag has a comfort temperature of +5°c, a lower limit of -10°c and an extreme of -15°c which means you'll be comfortable between 5°c and -10°c with less comfortable sleeping down to -15°c. The Echotec is finished with a contrast panel and piping, and can be stowed away in a compact bag for easy transportation. Whatever trip you have planned, the Echotec is a smart choice for a range of camping needs.

Sleeping bags

Sleeping bag ratings work in seasons so the more season, the warmer it will be. A 2 season bag will be perfect for summer or spring in warmer conditions while a four season bag will be perfect for freezing cold but might be a little too warm for summer. with a range of designs, our sleeping bag range will have the ideal choice for you.

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