The Definitive Waterproof Jacket Guide

Here at Trespass, waterproof jackets are our speciality. We have such a wide variety to suit anyone and any activity, so it may seem overwhelming when trying to decide which one best suits your style and needs.

To help you out (aren’t we nice), we’ve created this handy guide to explain the differences between our waterproofs jacket styles, complete with the features and benefits of each kind to help you in narrowing down the choice that’s right for you.

From packaway jackets to casual parkas, our waterproof coat collection benefits from varying levels of technical specifications including waterproof, windproof and UV protection, breathable properties, quick drying fabrics and much, much more.

You’re probably bordering confusion already, so let’s just get started.

Waterproof Jacket Ratings

All of our waterproof garments come with a waterproof protection rating, measured in millimetres (mm). This indicates how many millimetres of water the fabric can be submerged in before the garment is penetrated and water begins seeping through.

The higher the number of millimetres, the more waterproof the jacket is. The highest level of waterproof protection currently offered by Trespass is 10000mm, while our sister range, DLX, offers up to 20000mm – that’s 20 metres of water that can be repelled! Most Trespass Jackets feature waterproof protection, but the levels do vary depending on individual jackets.

You can filter by waterproof rating on the left-hand side of our Waterproof Jackets Page to make sure you get the level of protection you need.

Hardshell Jackets

The Hardshell Jacket offers defence, comfort and practicality for everyday wear and beyond. They offer waterproof protection to 5000mm, breathability to 5000mvp, windproofness and are often designed with taped seams for additional comfort and security.

The classic Hardshell Jacket is a brilliant choice as it’s the perfect great all-rounder.

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Packaway Jackets

For those will-it-won’t-it days when you’re not quite sure if the rain will come or not, a Trespass packaway jacket is an excellent way of preparing for the worst without bulking up your bag. Waterproof to 5000mm, breathable to 5000mvp, windproof and designed with taped seams, these super-lightweight jackets will come to the rescue when you need it most without hurting your back on the hike up.

Our range of Qikpac Packaway Jackets are especially versatile as they are available in over 11 different colours!

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3-in-1 Jackets

Living in the UK means you should always be prepared for the weather to shift at any given moment, as we at Trespass know all too well being based in Scotland.

Luckily, our 3 in 1 Jackets tackle many aspects of the temperamental climate with 3 different wears to keep you covered whatever-the-weather, and many are even designed with taped seams for extra assured waterproof protection. The 3-in-1 Jackets in our range are waterproof to at least 3000mm, breathable to 3000mvp and windproof too, making them an all-around lifesaver.

Some Trespass 3-in-1 Jackets come equipped with an inner jacket for additional warmth and comfort if you wanted to up the ante.

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Softshell Jackets

Lightweight and flexible, a men’s softshell jacket or women’s softshell jacket acts as a warm layer that brings comfort without restriction and offers more protection than you might think. These sleek jackets are surprisingly waterproof with up to 8000mm of protection and are breathable to 3000mvp, all the while being flexible and versatile, too.

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Down Jackets

If you’re looking for warmth over waterproofness, a Trespass men’s down jacket or women’s down jacket is the way to go.

Trespass down jackets are the wearable duvet of waterproofs, containing up to 90% down filling for optimal cosiness whilst still maintaining a chic and casual look. They are ideal for slightly drier but still chilly days – aka, exactly what you’re looking for.

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Parka Jackets

If you’d rather opt for something a little more casual, we have a whole range of classic parkas – including men’s waterproof parka jackets and women’s parka jackets – which are an absolute essential for the winter months.

You may be fooled into thinking that Parkas aren’t suitable for the rain or snow but ours offer up to 8000mm of waterproof protection, windproofing and a breathability of 5000mvp, too.

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Ski Jackets

For those hitting the slopes, a Ski Jackets is an essential for comfort and performance. The Trespass range of Ski Jackets are windproof for warmth, offering 5000mm of waterproof protection and up to 5000mvp of breathability to ensure you don’t get too stuffy.

The DLX range of ski jackets, however, offers the maximum waterproof protection of 20000mm and have an increased breathability rating of 10000mvp for those who want to commit to the cause and make a real investment. DLX products offer performance-enhancing technicalities that are designed for life in extremes.

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Cycling Jackets

The avid cyclists amongst you will know that appropriate clothing is always necessary, especially when biking anywhere or at any time with low visibility. Our range of cycling jackets are expertly crafted from reflective and hi-vis materials that are also waterproof to 3000mm and breathable to 3000mvp.

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Gilet Jackets

Sometimes sleeves just aren’t necessary. A Trespass gilet is padded and well-insulated for your comfort, with some even offering waterproof protection as a bonus. Don’t delay – gilet! And go sleeveless in style with Trespass.

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Whether you’re headed to a classically British festival or are just looking for something a little more freeing than a full-on raincoat, Trespass offers a selection of waterproof ponchos – including both men’s waterproof poncho and women’s poncho – that are up to 5000mm waterproof protected and breathable to 5000mvp to prevent overheating in busy crowds.

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Now’s the hard part – what to choose!

Written by: Natalie Green