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How to Fold a Pop Up Tent

Ah, the pop-up tent. The faff-free festival choice, the convenient camping solution… until you come to pack it away. But never fear, Expert Advice is here to guide you through the frustratingly simple why-did-we-not-think-of-this process.

Stay tuned till the end for the full video.

Step 1

Loop your hand through the strap.

Step 2

Using the same hand, gather the pole structures in order. Make sure you’re using the looped hand to hold them.

Step 3

Turn the tent to stand it vertically with the gathered poles held out in front of you.

Step 4

Push the tent frame down from the top, fold and compress it. The tent should twist into itself.

Step 5

As you continue pushing the tent down, the poles should overlap naturally, and the tent should begin to form the flat circular shape it was when you unpacked it.

Step 6

Once the tent is mostly compressed and in a circular shape, wrap the strap, that your hand was looped through, over it.

Step 7

All that’s left to do now is slide the tent into the circular zip-up bag it came packed in, and voila! A pop-up tent, popped away.

If you’re unsure about any parts to this process, watch the full video below.

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Written by: Natalie Green

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