AQUATIC Swimming Goggles

€23.99 Special Price


  • Swimming goggles
  • UV Protection
  • Anti Fog Coating
  • Black Silicone Headstrap & Eyeseal
  • Quick & Easy Strap Adjustment
  • 3 Changeable Nose Bridge Options
  • Wide View

If you love fitting in a few lengths whenever you can, but find the water give your eyes discomfort, get the Aquatic swimming glasses for a clear view and eye protection in the water. The lenses offer some UV protection and the anti-fog coating stops condensation building up on the lenses. Black silicon on the strap and eye piece is stretchy and gives a tight seal to keep water out.

Adjust the strap simply with pull ties and you get three changeable nose bridge options for the ideal fit.  With a wide view design, you’ll have no trouble getting your way to the end of the pool and back in these simple unisex swimming goggles.