Men's Padded Jackets

Our men's padded jackets provide warmth and comfort. Not only will you be fully protected from the elements, but our for that extra layer of protection, our men's padded coats will have you looking fantastic too! Choose from a range of colours and styles to suit every taste.

  1. Hullford Men's Quilted Jacket
    €69.99 Special Price
  2. Wytonhill Men's Padded Jacket
    €68.99 Was €126.00
  3. Whitman II Men's Down Packaway Jacket in Green
    €74.99 Special Clearance Price
  4. Boyce Men's Padded Jacket in Navy
    €138.99 Was €140.00
  5. Westmorland Men's Hooded Padded Jacket in Khaki
    €55.99 Special Clearance Price
  6. Bismarck Men's Padded Casual Jacket in Blue
    €42.99 Special Clearance Price