Kids' Accessories

Here at Trespass, we have all the kids accessories needed to build your little one an explorer pack and take their adventure to the next level. From bags and backpacks to sunglasses and hats, kit-out your kids today.
  1. Lala II Kids' Gloves in Black
    €4.99 Special Price
  2. Trilby Kids' Straw Hat in Beige
    €18.99 Special Price
  3. Bumble Kids' Novelty Balaclava in Yellow
    €15.99 Special Clearance Price
  4. Lala II Kids' Gloves in Purple
    €4.99 Special Price
  5. Infanti Kids' 6.5L Novelty Backpack in Blue
    €18.99 Special Clearance Price
  6. Solano Kids' Bobble Hat in Green
    €18.99 Special Price