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Glasgow 2014 Commonwealth Games

As the Official Casual Uniform Provider to the Glasgow 2014 Commonwealth Games, we will be putting our considerable experience to good use by kitting out the Clyde-sider volunteers, technical and security officials and the Queen’s Baton Relay batonbearers. We are incredibly proud to be Official Partners with Glasgow 2014 and it will be exciting to see our specially-designed uniforms on more than 15,000 volunteers come Game Time.

British Universities & Colleges Sport (BUCS)

Trespass are the proud Official Sponsors of Team GBR at the 2013 Winter University Games, taking place in Trentino, Italy. We are providing uniforms to the team members of British Universities & Colleges Sport (BUCS), so you will see the coaches and athletes sporting Trespass gear as they represent Great Britain in their chosen fields.

The Ski and Snowboard Show

The Trespass name and logo can't be missed when visiting this hugely popular snowsport show at Earls Court, London. It is also represented in all printed literature, podcasts, online video and has links from their official website.

British Children’s Ski Team

We are currently in the 11th year of our partnership with the British Children’s Ski Team and are as pleased as ever to be associated with such a fantastic organisation. The youngsters regularly demonstrate skills on the slopes that would put most adults to shame as they compete for titles throughout Europe. And as they carve success into the snow at home and abroad, they do so wearing Trespass from top to toe.


Tres-Tex® - Basically if you imagine a single column of water held back by a piece of our Tres-Tex® fabric. Our waterproof reading is the height in millimetres this column would reach before starting to seep through. So, 5000mm is infact 5 meters of water held back by the fabric. This fabric is also breathable and windproof.

Tres-Tex 3 Layer Fabric® Trespass excels in bad weather solutions. Tres-Tex 3 Layer Waterproof Fabric is breathable and windproof, with taped seams. The fabric is supple and durable and when used as the outer shell in a layering system, 3 Layer Tres-tex will allow you to maintain a dry and comfortable personal environment when the weather is not at its best.

Tres-Shield® Ideal for bad weather situations. Waterproof and windproof, with taped seams, this performance fabric is used to produce a range of great value outerwear. Supple and durable, functional coatings and surface treatments help repel water and wind, keeping you comfortable.

Intelligent® - An inspired solution to the cold weather problem. Reflective surfaces send back valuable warmth that would otherwise escape. By reflecting the body’s heat, intelligent use of materials can reduce bulk and padding with insulated outerwear.

COLDHEAT - Lightweight, durable and soft lofted fibres trap and hold the heat generated by your body, giving you maximum freedom of movement allowing you to stay comfortable in the most arctic of conditions.

AIRTRAP® - Designed for comfort and warmth from soft, light, breathable, anti-pill fleece, these garments are a versatile mid-layer. The special structure of Airtrap not only stretches to give you freedom of movement but creates airspaces that trap and hold your body heat.

DuoSkin® - Duoskin Intelligent Fabric from Trespass effectively draws moisture away from the skin. This moisture quickly evaporates when brought to the surface of the fabric, leaving you dry and comfortable. Tightly woven fibres, high wicking and quick drying.

DuoSkin+® - Trespass DUOSKIN+ technology is your first line of defence against harmful UV and uncomfortable humidity. Trespass DUOSKIN+ technology has been developed with travel and leisure in mind.

Moskitophobia® - Provides a major line in defence against irritating, biting insects. The non-toxic, insect repelling agents in the fabric significantly reduce the cha nce of being targeted. Moskitophobia is also fast drying and high wicking maintaining unparalleled personal luxury. Easy-wear, easy-care.

Supplex® - The cottony soft comfort of Supplex used in the Trespass Adventure collection offers superior comfort, freedom of movement and is lightweight and breathable. Supplex fabric is also quick drying, water resistant and has a UPF rating of 40+.

Sympatex® - The 21st century demands higher performance, more flexibility, better ideas. To stay ahead of the game, people need intelligent technologies that reliably support them in their daily lives. This challenge is our vision. Sympatex® Technology develops innovative functional systems for clothing and footwear – the right solution for a demanding new era. Welcome to the future.

Coolmax® - Coolmax fabric offers soft, lightweight and breathable comfort. It wicks moisture away from your body keeping you cool, dry and comfortable.



The British Apparel Export Award
In Recognition of Outstanding Export Achievements 2000

The British Apparel Export Award
In Recognition of Outstanding Export Achievements 2001

The British Apparel Export Award
In Recognition of Outstanding Export Achievements 2002

Glasgow Chamber of Commerce
International Trade Award 2002

Glasgow Chamber of Commerce
International Trade Award 2003

Glasgow Chamber of Commerce
Overall Best Glasgow Business 2003

Lloyds TSB - The Jewel Awards
Lifetime Achievement Award 2009

The Entrepreneurial Exchange
Induction to the Hall of Fame 2010

Scottish Council for Development
Fellowship 2010

Scottish Council for Development
Jacobs & Turner Ltd - Member of SCDI 2010

Member of Europe’s 500 Top Growth Companies
Nominated 2011

KPMG Scottish Leaders of the Year 2012