Girls' Footwear

Make sure her feet are as stylish as they are cosy and comfortable. Our footwear collection for girls features styles for every occasion. And if she’s at an age where she still hasn’t mastered tying her own laces – we have lots of lace-free shoes too.

  1. Rowan Kids' Sandals in Navy
    €25.99 Was €33.00
  2. Rowan Kids' Sandals in Teal
    €25.99 Was €33.00
  3. Huskie Youths' Snow Boots in Red
    €38.99 Special Price
  4. Hamley Kids' Waterproof Walking Shoes in Blue
    €41.99 Special Clearance Price
  5. Elitist Youth Trainers in Black
    €30.99 Special Clearance Price
  6. Lemur Kids' Aqua Shoes in Navy
    €6.99 Special Price
  7. Nantucket Kids' Sandals in Navy
    €41.99 Was €57.00