Kids' Walking Boots

On the hunt for a pair of reliable, sturdy, durable and supportive kids’ walking boots? Then look no further: Trespass walking boots for kids are the perfect choice for active and adventurous kids who love the great outdoors just as much as you do. We use the latest fabric technology to enhance our boots and make sure they will perform in any weather condition. Trespass kids’ walking boots are waterproof, breathable and have specially formed sole grips for extra safety when walking.
  1. 2 colours
  2. 2 colours
  3. 2 colours
  4. Gillon Kids' Waterproof Walking Boots in Navy
    £41.99 Special Clearance Price
  5. 2 colours
  6. 2 colours
  7. Thorburn Men’s Walking Boots in Black
    £65.99 Special Clearance Price
    2 colours
  8. Hamley Kids' Waterproof Walking Shoes in Blue
    £19.99 Special Clearance Price
    2 colours
  9. 2 colours
  10. 2 colours
  11. 2 colours
  12. Julien Kids' Waterproof Walking Boots in Grey
    £38.99 Special Clearance Price
  13. 2 colours
  14. 2 colours