Kids' Backpacks

Our range of rucksacks, backpacks and school bags offer an easy-access storage space that's light and easy to carry around, and useful for a wide variety of activities. Treat them to a Trespass Kids Bag and bags of fun will follow.
  1. 5 colours
  2. 2 colours
  3. 5 colours
  4. 5 colours
  5. Infanti Kids' 6.5L Novelty Backpack in Blue
    £5.99 Special Clearance Price
  6. Bonham Kids' A4 Shoulder Bag in Navy
    £6.99 Special Clearance Price
  7. Playpiece Kids' Lunch Bag in Blue
    £2.99 Special Clearance Price
    2 colours
  8. 5 colours