Fleece Jackets

Discover a wide variety of men’s and women’s fleece jackets designed to withstand everything from country walks to full-on hikes. Our fleece jackets come with waterproof, breathable, lightweight and quick drying technologies. Our top- quality fleece jackets offer great warmth-to-weight ratios and are soft on your skin, but tough on windchill.

  1. Rebola Women's Fleece - GHO
    £19.99 Was £39.99
  2. Rebola Women's Fleece in Fig
    £19.99 Was £39.99
  3. Dewey Women's Fleece - GHM
    £31.99 Was £69.99
  4. Dewey Women's Fleece - BKM
    £31.99 Was £69.99
  5. Match Kid's Hooded Fleece
    £14.99 Was £35.99
  6. Teesta Women's Hooded Fleece
    £36.99 Was £73.99