Boys' Footwear

From walking boots and hiking shoes to slippers and flip flops, discover our diverse selection of boys’ footwear. Whether he’s splashing in the puddles, running home from school, or simply wants something cosy to wear around the house – our boys’ footwear will keep you and him happy.

  1. Rowan Kids' Sandals in Navy
    €22.99 Special Price
  2. Rowan Kids' Sandals in Teal
    €22.99 Special Price
  3. Gillon Kids' Waterproof Walking Boots in Navy
    €38.99 Special Clearance Price
  4. Elitist Youth Trainers in Black
    €28.99 Special Price
  5. Lemur Kids' Aqua Shoes in Navy
    €18.99 Special Price
  6. Nantucket Kids' Sandals in Navy
    €41.99 Was €57.00
  7. Raider Kids' Flip Flops in Teal
    €3.99 Special Price