Women's Fleece Jackets

A ladies fleece is a great addition to any wardrobe. This versatile garment can be worn all year round, as an extra layer in the colder months, or as a cover-up on summer evenings. Our women's fleece jackets are available in a variety of colours, styles, weights and fabrics.

Men's Fleece Jackets
  1. Odelia Women's Fleece in Black
    €48.99 Special Price
  2. Meadows Women's Fleece in Navy
    €29.99 Special Price
  3. Boyero Women's Fleece in Navy
    €33.99 Special Price
  4. Boyero Women's Fleece in Blue
    €33.99 Special Price
  5. Tenbury Women's Fleece in Purple
    €36.99 Special Price
  6. Detour Women's Fleece in Purple
    €45.99 Was €76.00
  7. Kacey Women's DLX Top - CMM
    €56.99 Special Price