CLAWZ Ice Grippers



  • Pair of Ice Grip Traction Aids
  • Simple / Quick Fit
  • Stow Anywhere
  • Storage Bag Included
  • Compatible Variety of Footwear
  • Can Be Worn With Heels
  • Low Operating Temperature
  • One Size Fits All

If the ice is causing you trouble this winter, the Clawz ice grippers are an easy way to steady your footing and save your dignity this winter. Designed for ease of use and easy application, these simple accessories can be slipped on over your shoes, instantly adding extra grip. Plus, thanks to the simple design, they can be used with almost any shoes, even heels.

Secured and adjusted with a hook and loop strap, these will work fins no matter how cold it gets and even have their own storage bag supplied so you can pop them in your bag once you arrive at your destination and they won’t get anything dirty. These grippers are an extremely simple way to avoid injury when the pavement is icy and will help avoid any bruised egos this winter.