Fitness & Gym Accessories

Wherever your workout routine takes you, from home or at the gym – we have a wide selection of fitness accessories to suit beginner to advanced levels. We have everything to complete your home set-up including speed ropes, resistance bands, yoga mats and sports bottles. Whether you’re running, rowing, lifting or simply stretching off your muscles, pack for success and take your training further.
  1. Infuser Water Bottle in Teal
    €6.99 Special Price
  2. Pocket Armband in Black
    €3.99 Special Price
  3. Vatura Water Bottle 700ml in Red
    €20.99 Special Price
  4. Sports Bottle 750ml in White
    €3.99 Special Price
  5. Bamboo Towel 60 x 120cm in Green
    €23.99 Special Price
  6. Drinking Bottle 500ml in Navy
    €4.99 Was €23.99
  7. Terry Towel 75 x 135cm in Grey
    €23.99 Special Price
  8. Terry Towel 75 x 135cm in Khaki
    €23.99 Special Price
  9. Terry Towel 75 x 135cm in Blue
    €23.99 Special Price